Network Appliance B2 Rack Lab & Central Plant


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Project Location:

Sunnyvale, CA

Scope of Services

Design/build HVAC; mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems; and Building Automation System (BAS) expansion/upgrade as required to support new 14,000 square foot high density rack lab/data center. Green building project.


Network Appliance




$7.3 mi (HVAC & BAS)


We worked with the network appliance team and Devcon Construction (General Contractor) to design and build this 14,000 square foot state-of-the-art high density rack lab/data center while the building was occupied. This unique lab space utilizes a "contained cold isle" design concept and was custom-built to reside on the 1st floor of an existing 3-story building. It is NetApps largest "in-house" rack lab/data center in the United States and boasts capacity for over 720 8KW server racks (lab equipment design cooling capacity = 410 watts / sq. ft.).  The innovative energy efficient system and mechanical cooling infrastructure for this center takes advantage of unique environmental design conditions. The lab can operate on 100% air-side economizer for up to 80% of the calendar year. Along with full air-side economizer capabilities, the lab is served by an "n+1" 2360-ton central chiller plant with variable-speed primary pumps, high-efficiency centrifugal chillers and counter-flow cooling towers. $1 M+ PG&E Rebate.

Project award was based on our combined technical engineering solutions associated with the HVAC and building automation/controls design. Our MEP and BAS departments worked in concert to design and implement custom air handling equipment, air and water distribution systems, chiller plant systems and sequencing, and air-side economizer/relief systems. We performed certified startup and balance services and assisted in 3rd-party commissioning activities as required to deliver a complete and fully tested, validated and integrated high density rack lab environment.

To promote energy efficiency, we provided many “Green” Solutions to this project, specifically:

  • Air Side Economizers
  • ALC DDC Controls
  • High Efficiency Water Cooled Chillers
  • Variable Speed Pumping



Condenser Water System




Custom Data Center Air Handler